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Accident claims

Have you been injured as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault? Please contact us – We are here to help you out! You may be entitled to accident compensation. With Baltnet Claims you can make a claim for your compensation for accidents which have happened within the last 3 years!

In today’s world accidents can occur pretty well anywhere. The Government is making various laws and legislation to reduce the risks to a minimum but they simply cannot be removed from our life completely. Accidents may occur on the road, involving cars, bikes or other types of transport, they also may occur in the workplace, due to lack of training or safety. They can happen in retail premises or public places. Accidents themselves can be complicated, involving lots of other factors or be just as simple as slips and tripping. We just have to accept the fact of reality that there is always a possibility that something may go wrong.

The cost of an accident to you:

  • Pain, suffering, continuous disability or death;
  • Loss of earning and extra expense due to disability;
  • Incapacity for your job and your leisure activities;
  • Unable to support your family and possible family break up.

Here at Baltnet Claims we want you to know that claims can be made for most non-fault accidents and that compensation is rewarded depending on the injuries and financial losses you suffered as a result of that accident.

The success of an Accident claim depends on whether the claimant can prove that someone was in some way at fault for causing it, whether someone failed in a duty or did not take reasonable care to prevent from it from happening. You need to know that even if liability is obvious in some cases it might be difficult to prove it. That is why all facts and evidence are what make your case strong. So if you have suffered from any type of accident please try to keep as much information as possible about how it happened, where it happened, whether there are any witnesses and whose liability it might be, what treatment you received, how long you suffered or whether you are still suffering.

However, if you decide to proceed with your claims through Baltnet Claims, our Solicitors will assess your compensation claim, and will decide the likelihood of its success.