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Car accident claims

When a road traffic accident (RTA) happens in England or Wales there may be no negligence involved, in which case no claim will follow. But if one of the parties involved in this RTA was negligent or caused it intentionally, then the innocent injured party is entitled to make a claim for compensation through Baltnet Claims.

Some car accidents are caused by road or/and environmental factors but the majority of all Road Traffic Accidents occurs due to other road users ‘incompetence, carelessness or negligence. For example: lack of judgement, alcohol, drugs, a medical condition, road crime etc.

Every single year road traffic accidents cost thousands of lives, approximately 40000 serious injuries, 3 millions Hospital (NHS) bed days and other types of trauma and injuries. The World Health Organisation states that, if the same trends continue, RTA may exceed Stroke and HIV as one of the main causes of preventable deaths in 2020!

The majority of Road Traffic accidents can be traumatising, even if an injury does not look serious. Statistically the most common injuries in a car accident are neck injuries, also known as whiplash injuries. Therefore all injuries depend on how the collision happened, what types of vehicles were involved, speed etc. The injuries resulting from a road traffic accident can be fatal or ruin the rest of people’s lives. These include losing limbs and other body parts, bone fractures, psychological trauma, or just bruises. With Baltnet claims can be made for all type of road traffic accident injuries. For more information please check our injury compensation guide.

It is advisable to visit a hospital and to consult with your doctor so your injury can be diagnosed and treated at early stage.  Also, if you will decide to make a claim for your injury, then your GP and hospital reports will be used to assess your injuries and also additional medical checks will be made. Of course some insurance companies may be very quick in contacting you directly to make an early offer to settle the claims but we advise you to insist on getting independent legal advice before agreeing to any compensation settlement.

In a real life situation when a car accident occurs and claims have been made against the driver who caused this RTA, the insurers of the person responsible for the car accident have to decide whether to accept the liability, and what compensation to offer. It is important for claims to be handled by professionals so those who suffered get not what they have been offered but compensation for the real damages and injuries they suffered.

Baltnet claims guarantee to work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injury.*
*Subject to our charges & terms agreed:

  • A claim made by passenger for an injury in private or public transport.
  • An injury claim made by driver, cyclist or pedestrian.
  • A claim on behalf of children.
  • An injury claim for road traffic accidents in foreign jurisdictions.

With Baltnet you can make a claim for your injury and loss that occurred in any Road Traffic Accident that was not your fault including one involving uninsured victims and drivers!

In any case, our specialist injury claims solicitors will make sure that you receive the car accident compensation to which you are entitled. You will feel far more comfortable knowing that the right decisions are being made about your car accident claim, and its value. Once you make a claim through us, we will make sure you receive maximum compensation!

Maybe this compensation will not make you better, but it will help to cover your losses and make your suffering a bit easier to bear.

Bear in mind that if you have had a car accident that is not your fault we can also provide you with a replacement vehicle. We aim to match your existing vehicle as closely as possible whether it is a small town car or a prestige vehicle. We can also arrange for your vehicle to be collected from the place of the accident and arrange its storage and repairs. If your car is not repairable, our solicitors will help you to recover that loss too.

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