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Construction accidents

All construction sites present a lot of risks, with high level of probability of the occurrence of accidents.

Working with various types of equipment, around hazardous and unstable materials or simply carrying out demanding work can all lead to a construction accident.

All persons on site have a legal responsibility to conduct their activities in a safe way. It is against the law for you to endanger yourself or others by your actions or comissions.

These are the main hazards which may encounter:

  • Falls;
  • Traffic;
  • Services;
  • Asbestos;
  • Gases;
  • Lifting Equipment;
  • Manual Handling;

On Construction site the level of risk will depend on a number of factors including: the activity, location, environmental conditions, management, attitudes of staff; protective equipment provided and used, housekeeping and the condition of equipment.

Construction sites can cause injuries of which you may not be aware until later in life, such as exposure to asbestos which can cause cancer, and is deadly.

Because of the different risks, some of the injuries you may have suffered may be minor; others can be very serious with some consequences such as financial and emotional tension, time out of work and even causing permanent disability or death.

Governments are working to reduce all possible risks. All the safety regulations you come across are the responsibility of the Government's Health and Safety Commission, and are enforced by the HSE.

Since 1996, the European Agency for Safety and Health has made Europe’s work places safer, healthier and more productive.

Regulations to be fulfilled in order to help to protect construction site workers are included in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

If you encounter a construction accident you are expected to know Your Employers Responsibilities, Your Own Responsibilties as Emploee, Duties of Personnel Reporting an Accident and you might find useful Our advice if you have an accident at work.

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