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Hand injury

Hand injury is a very common injury that occurs as a result of am accident, whether a road traffic accident or an accident at work or in a public place.

Statistically, hand injuries account for nearly 10% of all Emergency Department visits to hospitals.

Hand injuries usually result in significant long-term or short-term impairment of function. It is vital for all hand injuries to be assessed and treated appropriately in order to minimise the risk of permanent disability.

The human hand contains over 27 bones including the 8 bones of the wrist. It also has other interconected structures such as joint cartilages, arteries, veins, tendons,  nerves, ligaments, and muscles, so there is a very high potential for a variety of injuries when trauma involves the hand.

The most common injuries to the hand are fractured bones and joint trauma due to the vulnerable location and rather small muscle size of the hand. Hand injuries include accidental amputation, damage to nerves and dislocation injuries.

  • Amputation injuries: amputation injuries account for approximately 5% of all hand injuries.
  • Dislocation injuries: dislocations commonly occur in association with tendon injuries or fractures.
  • Fractures: fractures of the hand of all types (phalangeal fractures, metacarpal fractures and fractures of the small bones of the hand) are commonly seen. The scaphoid bone is the most commonly fractured bone of the wrist, frequently broken by falling on an outstretched hand.
  • Damage to nerves -  there is a risk of damage to the three major nerves that supply the hand such as the ulnar nerve, the median nerve and the radial nerve.

Many occupations place significant demands on your arms and if you suffer any of these hand injuries you may not be able to continue your duties for a period of time or even permanently.  If you suffer from a hand injury which happened as a result of somebody’s negligence you have a right to make a claim, whether this is because training due to your employers not fulfilling their responsibilities, a road traffic accident or slip and trip.

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