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A. Dambrauskas

How does it work?

  1. When you fill in our online form or call us, we will need you to tell us a bit more about your accident or injury to help us to assess the likelihood of your eligibility for compensation.  If we think you can claim, we will tell you there and then and will refer you to the best solicitor for your type of situation.
  2. The solicitor will ask you questions about the accident and your injury. Then your solicitor will sart proceeding with your claim. He will:
    - Send the defendant a Letter of Claim stating that you intend to claim compensation for the injuries caused by his fault.
    - Instruct a medical expert to assess your injuries.
    - Prepare a Schedule of Losses listing all of the financial losses, for which you wish to claim.
    - Send it to the other side, demanding the compensation you deserve.
  3. If the Claim is successful and the defendant accepts responsibility, the solicitor will negotiate with the defendant about the amount of your compensation. Thereafter our claim will be settled and you will get your compensation.
  4. If the Claim is disputed, it means that defendant disputes his liability. In this situation the case may go to Court if agreement cannot be reached.
  5. Then the case is either lost or won, but in either case you will not have to pay anything. However, if the case is won you will receive  the full amount of the agreed compensation.