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How much you can claim?

We cannot tell you exactly how much compensation you might receive, but the information below will give you a rough idea of how typical compensation awards apply for different  personal injury claims.

The amount of your personal injury compensation varies depending on the seriousness of the injury and the financial losses involved. Every jury verdict or settlement depends on the circumstances of your case.

If you have sustained a personal injury you may claim for two types of compensation:

  • General damages
  • Special damages

General damages are paid as compensation for an injury itself. The amount of compensation takes account of how the injury or disease affects you now and how it might affect you in the future. It is awarded for pain; suffering and your inability to do things after your accident that you could do before, for instance loss of your future earnings. The award is made on the basis of medical evidence and specialist reports.

Special damages are paid as compensation for your actual financial loss caused by the accident or disease up to the date of the hearing. These can include damage to your belongings, the costs of medical expenses and care (including the cost of private treatment), travel costs to hospital, and the cost of repairing or replacing your car, or of hiring a replacement vehicle, if it has been damaged in the accident. The purpose of this type of compensation is to put you back in a position, financially, as if the accident had never occurred. It is your responsibility to keep all receipts and invoices for any expenses associated with your accident.

The compensation amounts below are provided only as a rough guide.

Head or brain injury:  £8,500 – £100,000+
Face, jaw or cheek injury:  £1,000 – £50,000+
Arm or shoulder injury:  £1,500 – £60,000+
Hand injury:  £1,500 – £60,000+
Knee injury:  £1,500 – £60,000+
Leg injury:  £1,500 – £60,000+
Psychiatric injury:  £1,000 – £75,000+
Deafness or impaired hearing:  £6,500 – £80,000+
Whiplash or neck injury:  £1,500 – £70,000+
Back or spinal injury:  £1,500 – £100,000+
Hip or pelvic injury:  £3,500 – £80,000+
Foot, ankle or toe injury:  £3,500 – £60,000+
Vibration White Finger:  £1,500 – £25,000+
Asbestos related disease:  £5,000 – £100,000+

Please also see our guide for possible compensation amounts.
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