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If an accident is caused by an untraceable or uninsured driver

All authorised Insurance Companies in the UK are required to be members of the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). The Bureau was established in 1946 to compensate persons who been injured by uninsured drivers, untraced drivers or foreign motorists visiting the UK, or if the insured’s insurance company has become bankrupt. The MIB is not an insurance company itself and exists only to provide compensation.

When you make a claim for an accident which was caused by an untraceable or uninsured driver, it is very important for your claim to be submitted to people who understand the procedure for such claims. For instance, an MIB claim form should be completed in full and submitted to the MIB as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary delays later in the process.

You need to know that, due to the MIB’s to the special nature as a fund of last resort, it is entitled to deduct £300 from each Claimant’s claim. This amount of £300 is limited to claims that are not personal injury related. For instance:

  • Vehicle repairs (if you have third party fire and theft cover);
  • Any damage to property in the car;
  • Insurance policy excess (only deducted from the whole claim not per each item claimed).

However injury related items of claim do not have the £300 excess applied to them. Examples of injury related losses include:

  • Prescribed medicine and painkillers;
  • Treatment costs;
  • Compensation for the injury itself;
  • Travel to medical appointments;
  • Loss of earnings arising from the injury.

According to the Department of Transport report “Uninsured Driving in the UK” prepared by Professor David Greenway, accidents involving uninsured drivers cost £250m per annum. Every year uninsured or untraced accidents usually add up to £40 to an ordinary driver’s insurance costs in the UK.