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Knee injuries

The human knee is made up of bone, ligaments, cartilage and fluid. There are muscles and tendons that help the joint move and if any of these parts are injured this can cause serious knee trauma. We need our knees to carry out our basic tasks and activities such as walking, running, kicking and sitting and without the use of the knee these become practically impossible.

Knee injuries are very typical and can happen as a result of an accident at work or slips, trips and falls, a car accident or sport injury. Often knee injuries in the workplace are a result of a sudden traumatic impact but a significant number of them also result from prolonged wear and tear.

Knee injuries take a variety of different types and forms, for example:

  • Strains, when a tendon/muscle is overstretched;
  • Sprains, when one or more ligaments in the knee are overstretched, resulting in twisting or/and wrenching;
  • Torn ligament, when a snapping sound can be heard;
  • A torn Meniscus, when a cartilage tears if the knee joint is bent and then twisted.

Most of the time knee injury symptoms may be similar, causing pain, swelling and instability.

One quite common form of knee injury is known as Miner’s knee (also known as beat knee or bursitis). Miner’s knee occurs as a result of repetitive wear and tear resulting in the inflammation of the bursa.  This inflammation will reduce the individual’s mobility and cause him lots of pain and discomfort. This type of injury has been a particular concern in the mining industry for many years. In fact beat knee injury is caused by repeated muscular movement and inadequate rest periods and also very often physical pressure which over a period of time can eventually injure tendons, muscles, cartilages, nerves and tissues. Damage caused by such an injury can be very serious and may not only restrict your movement and cause substantial pain but also become chronic.

If you have suffered from any of these or other knee injuries you may not be able to continue your duties for a period of time or even permanently.

If you have suffered from a knee injury which occurred as a result of somebody’s negligence you have a right to make a claim, whether this is because of lack of training due to your employers not fulfilling their responsibilities, a road traffic accident or slip and trip.

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