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Leg injuries

Human legs are made up of bones, cartilage, muscles, blood vessels and other connective tissue and if any of these parts are injured it can cause serious leg trauma. We need our legs to carry out our basic tasks and activities such as walking, running, kicking and sitting and without the use of the knee these become practically impossible.

Leg injuries are very typical and can happen as a result of an accident at work or slips, trips and falls, a car accident or sport injury.

Often leg injuries in the workplace are a result of a sudden traumatic impact but there are also injuries that could have been prevented by simply having proper protective footwear.

Leg injuries take a variety of different types and forms, for example:

  • Dislocations (bone out of joint);
  • Fractures - broken bones;
  • Sprains - stretches and tears of ligaments  or muscles;
  • Muscle or bone bruise from a direct blow.

In extreme cases they may cause loss of one or both legs. They may stop people working and even performing simple tasks at home.

Most of the time leg injury symptoms depend on the part of the leg where the injury was sustained. These injuries can affect the whole leg, or just the hip, knee, ankle, or foot. There are certain diseases that also lead to leg problems.

According to Dutch researchers, even minor leg injuries such as ankle sprains or muscle pulls may become major but unrecognised causes of blood clots in the veins and even a relatively small amount of damage can lead to a potentially fatal condition.

Even minor injuries to the legs may be a reason for people to become less active and may create discomfort for a period of time. The lower part of the leg is the most common part of the whole limb to be injured; this may occur even if you walk into something. That is why in a work place or public place the correct signage or even barriers are required to prevent any potential hazards.

Many occupations may place significant demands on your legs and if you suffer leg injury you may not be able to continue your duties for a period of time or even permanently and also the rest of your life may be ruined. If you have suffered from a leg injury which has occurred as a result of somebody’s negligence you have a right to make a claim, whether it is because of lack of training due to your employers not fulfilling their responsibilities, a road traffic accident or slip and trip.

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