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Slip, trip or falling accidents

Many slip and trip accidents occur in public areas, for instance, they may happen in a shop/supermarket, uneven street pavement or a restaurant stair etc.

These are examples of possible slip and trip accidents:

  • Slipping on wet floor in a supermarket or shop;
  • Falling down stairs that were unsafe, for example if there were no hand rails;
  • Tripping on loose, broken or wobbly paving slabs;
  • Tripping on a pothole;
  • Etc.

Normally, in most cases, it is someone’s responsibility to keep a particular place safe for people to use. Usually it is the landlord or tenant of the premises or the local authority.

Owners and local authorities have a duty to ensure that the places under their control are safe for the public and that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure their safety.

It is vital for persons who have suffered from such an injury to collect all the evidence that is available. You should take photos of what, in your opinion, caused the accident; take a note of the names and numbers of witnesses and details of the injury itself etc.

If you are injured because you slipped or tripped due to the negligence of the persons with responsibility for the area we can help you to make a claim for the compensation that you deserve.

So if you think you are entitled to claim call us on 0800 098 8128 or fill in a short claim online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.